Jensen scrubbed a hand across his face and stared at his reflection in the mirror. 

He was tired.  More tired than he had been in a long time.  Shooting today had been particularly grueling, and he found that he was having a much harder time today easing out of Dean Winchester than usual.  The face staring back at him was Jensen, but it was also Dean.  He lifted his chin and brushed his fingers along the sides of his face.  He could feel the beginnings of a beard and he sighed.  He would have to shave, again.  He eyed his razor, sitting at the edge of his sink and he made a face.  He could do it tomorrow. 

He yawned and flipped off the switch as he trudged out of the bathroom, his skin still soft and warm from his shower.  It was moments like these where he intensely missed Danneel and JJ, where he wished he could curl up next to Danneel while she played with his hair, or have JJ crawl up into his lap and reach forward to pluck at his eyelashes.  Instead, he had this, his small apartment, a little cold, and much too empty for his own liking.  He walked out of the bathroom and made his way into the living room where the TV was flashing colored shadows on the wall.  He plopped down onto the soft couch and pulled his legs under him while he reached for the remote.  Just as he hit the button to un-mute the TV, he heard a soft knock coming from the door.  Frowning, he got up off the couch and walked over to the door, peering through the peephole curiously.  Warmth pooled in his stomach and he smiled when he realized who it was, Misha

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